Spain Moto Experiences is a travel agency (CV-m2050-V) that is also dedicated to the rental of vehicles and the organization of events.

We are official partner of BMW Motorrad, the first and only one travel company  in all over the world with a Bmw vintage Airhead Fleet.

We have a civil liability insurance that, as dictated by the regulations, covers any of the possible incidents that may arise in any of our experiences.

My name is Bruno Martin and I am to blame for being the one person that performs all these bike unforgettable experiences and that is because after going through different sectors in the working world, I decided to turn my passion into my profession.

We are a young company, but with many years of experience in the world of motorcycles. Travel organized without major mishaps and many satisfactions for multiple continents endorse us. 

Kilometerss and kilometers in different motorcycles and countries: North Cape, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Argentina, Chile, Alps, Dolomites, Britain, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Britain Europe to, Portugal, France, Corsica, Sardegna nA, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany … These are some of the destinations that have finally made me an expert in organizing motorcycle experiences.



Luxury Villa in Valencia

Our strategic situation in Valencia, makes us a stone’s throw from the Spanish Mediterranean coast, including the Balearic Islands. Any corner with charm, any hidden cove, any restaurant that does not appear in the guides but in which you eat vice, any mountain road that makes you discover postcard views … All that and more you will discover with us thanks to our trips on a motorbike in Spain.

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