Yes, to make any of our experiences you need at least 2 more friends. In all our experiences there must be at least 3 participants.

Each Experience covers different roads and distances, but the daily average is approximately 200km; Of course, always including stops to take pictures, eat and recover strength in our fantastic break Typical Siesta.

We love being different and original and offer our customers something different, so in collaboration with the company Tierra-Safari, we set up a camping area almost, almost like those of the African lodges. We have South African stores with almost 2 meters high, 2 beds with viscolastic mattress and a private shower area. You hallucinate with the barbecues with which Sergio delights us with the best products of Aragon … and everything under a mantle of a million stars.

As well as crazy motorcycles, we are inveterate foodies, our experiences include breakfast, lunch and dinner. The days that we make a copious meal, we have a light dinner … and yet, the days that we enjoyed a copious dinner, for reasons of schedule, we have a light snack-food , which we normally prepare in a beautiful setting in the middle of the route , in order to continue the path.   

No, it is simply imperative driving license with at least 3 years and unlimited power. We travel very twisty roads, but we have the whole day ahead to enjoy the route, so the pace will be marked at the time, not too slow, not too fast … We want you to enjoy the landscape and the route, not come to training for the race of the Isle of Man … 
Anyway, if any of your peers experience is more novel than you, do not worry, our team Guide will lower the pace to make you feel right at home.

Remember that our Experiences have very competitive prices, among other things, because we do not carry a vehicle for your suitcases. If you fancy not go loaded on the bike and be able to carry lots of luggage, car service support may be hired (5 participants minimum ). Our fantastic Land Rover Defender will handle your luggage and even carry purchases in the places we visit. 
If instead, you prefer to save the support car service, we recommend not to bring a lot of clothes; more or less what fits in a cabin suitcase, not counting all the biker equipment. Underwear and shirts for the days that your experience lasts, in addition to, a pair of jeans and comfortable shoes for free afternoons. Being these many hours with your bike, we only use street clothes at night. One month before the start of the Experience we will send you an email with the route manual, recommendations on clothing and other …

Equipment and helmet.

In Spain the use of a helmet is mandatory in any case and we recommend the use of specific equipment for motorcyclists. 
All our experiences include free transfer of a Jet-type helmet and a pair of goggles. We also have at your disposal to rent Barbour type jackets, gloves and water suits. 
If you prefer ís you bring your own kit, you could leave large bags and large suitcases in our facilities.

En España el uso de casco es obligatorio en cualquier caso y recomendamos el uso de equipación específica para motorista.

Todas nuestras Experiencias incluyen gratuitamente la cesión de un casco tipo Jet y unas gafas de ventisca. 

Además tenemos a vuestra disposición para alquilar chaquetas tipo Barbour, guantes y trajes de agua.

Si preferís traes vuestra propia equipación podréis dejar bolsas grandes y maletas grandes en nuestras instalaciones hasta el regreso.

All participants who are citizens or residents of the EU only need ID and driver ‘s license motorcycle (Minimal 3 years old , and unlimited power in the vehicle), but with also recommend a passport. For participants from outside the EU, a passport and an international driver’s license for high-capacity motorcycles are essential.

Although payment with credit card (except American Express) is widespread in Spain, we recommend carrying cash you can get into the ATM network. Will need it to pay for gas, meals, dinner and snacks that are not included in the experience and certainly you will buy a gift or typical product of the area through which the road runs.

Of course, whenever you are at least 5 participants we can make any of our Experiences and even one made to your liking. Our team of guides will prepare you for an unforgettable experience based on your tastes. Choose where and when and we take care of the rest.

In all our experiences we will make an initial Briefing where we will remind you of useful tips, safety rules and we will review plans of the route. In addition, all after morning é s breakfast we will review the route to follow the day and can answer all your doubts and questions. 

Of course in any of the bikes, paying the cost of passenger,also if you have hired the support car (minimum hiring 5 participants), the companions can go in the support vehicle or motorcycle indistinctly.

All of our motorcycles have roadside assistance to resolve any incidents en route. Remember that our Experiences have very competitive prices, among other things, because we do not have support vehicles for your bags. If you fancy not go loaded on the bike and able to carry a lot of baggage, pod é is hire our service support car (minimum 5 participants hiring) and our fantastic Land Rover Defender with trailer will be in charge of carrying your luggage and even shopping that realic é is on the sites we visit. In addition, this vehicle can carry up to 3 motorcycles in its trailer if one of the participants is very tired and prefers to go in the support car. And it has the latest technology Camper, so you can enjoy fridge with beer, water and cold drinks, homemade snakcs, with Nespresso coffee throughout the route. 

Yes, we have some bonuses on the web so you can give one of our one-day or weekend experiences to anyone you want. Also with an additional cost for the postage of € 10 (Spanish Territory) and € 25 (EU territory) we may send you the bonus made by hand in wood and with a very cool packaging. If you want to give one of the longest Experiences, you can get in touch with us and we will solve it; We will send you the wooden voucher to where you tell us at no additional cost. Remember that the person to whom you give the bonus must meet all the requirements to perform the Experience. 

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